New! Use Evidently to evaluate LLM-powered products

Open-source ML monitoring and LLM observability

Evaluate, test, and monitor AI-powered systems. From tabular data to LLMs. Built for data scientists, AI, and ML engineers. 

Evidently Python library

Evidently offers 100+ pre-made metrics and a framework for custom ML, LLM, and data evaluations. 

You can start with ad hoc reports in a minute, run automated pipeline and CI/CD checks, or deploy a complete monitoring stack with a live dashboard.
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Preset evaluations

Run instant pre-configured ML and LLM evaluations. Get visual reports or export the results elsewhere. Swap and add metrics easily.
Evidently AI Test suites
Test suites

Configurable Test Suites

Run structured checks and get alerted on failures. Debug test results with visual reports.
Zero setup option. Auto-generate test conditions based on past examples.
Trigger actions. Use test outcomes to set up alerts, initiate retraining, or stop pipelines.
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Evidently AI ML monitoring dashboard

ML monitoring dashboard

Track the health of all ML models and datasets from a central interface.
Batch or real-time integration. Send data from live services or in batches.
Customizable panels. Visualize statistical data summaries, test results, or specific metrics.
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Cloud vs. oss

Evidently Cloud for teams and enterprises 

Built with an open-source foundation, Evidently Cloud is the easiest way to implement AI observability. Get a collaborative workspace for your entire AI product team.
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Scalable backend: we handle it.
Direct data upload and integrations.
Authentication and user management.
Role-based access control.
No-code UI: manage everything visually.
Expert support and onboarding.

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