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JULY 27, 2023

Evidently Launch Event & Demo 🚀


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Join us July 27 for the big Evidently launch event and demo! We will spotlight new features and share the future product vision. Live demo example and interactive polls are included 🔥

Are you new to Evidently? This event will be a great way to understand what you can do with the tool: to evaluate, test and monitor ML models in production. 

Are you an existing Evidently user? Join to learn how to upgrade your ML monitoring setup with new features.

What we will cover:
📈 What's new at Evidently (spoiler: a lot!)
👩‍💻 Live code demo of new features
🔮 What’s next on the roadmap
✅ Vote for the upcoming features!
💬 Q&A

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Evidently 0.2 Release Blog

Evidently 0.2 is here! We finished a major refactoring and put a lot of learnings into code. This is our largest release so far 🚀

Read the release blog to see what you can do with Evidently 0.2. Spoiler: a lot!

Evidently 0.2 release blog
Evidently Launch Event

Evidently 0.2 Launch Event

Want to see more? Join us for the launch event!

We'll spotlight the latest features, show what you can do with Evidently, and wrap it up with a live demo example.

What is Evidently?

Evidently is an open-source Python library for ML monitoring. It helps evaluate, test, and monitor the performance of ML models from validation to production. You can check it out on GitHub or explore the documentation.

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