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Evidently Cloud

A SaaS ML monitoring and observability platform, built on top of Evidently open-source. Track and oversee all your ML models and datasets, hassle-free.

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What is Evidently Cloud?

Evidenly Cloud is a cloud ML observability platform. It has all the capabilities of Evidently open-source and additional reliability, security, and collaboration features. And you don’t have to worry about running the code yourself – we host it instead!


Evidently Cloud features

Cloud platform

Cloud platform

With open-source, you host Evidently on your infrastructure. With the cloud version, there are no complex deployment and maintenance needs. Sign up, connect your data, and observe your models in the web app.

Data source

Data source integrations

We’ll meet your data where it is. With enterprise data source plugins, you can connect directly to data warehouses or object storage, where you keep your datasets and model prediction logs.

Access control

Role-based access control

Make sure that actions are performed by authorized users. You can control who can access which model and customize permissions across teams.

Team workspace

Built for collaboration

Evidently Cloud offers team workspaces, simplified report sharing, and alert management. Use it as a centralized hub to keep track of the model performance and collaborate to resolve issues. 

And, all the open-source features you love

Simple API or ML monitoring interface

UI and API

Define metrics, checks, and dashboards programmatically – or drag-and-drop. Easily switch from the user interface to continue debugging in the Jupyter notebook.

Evidently works with all types of data and ML models

Every model and data type

Take advantage of all the evaluations and model types Evidently open-source supports. From data to model quality, from simple classification models to text data and LLMs.

Evidently covers all stages of ML lifecycle

Complete observability

Evidently covers the entire workflow from data testing to model performance troubleshooting. Gain end-to-end visibility and keep your metrics consistent across the ML lifecycle.

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