New! Use Evidently to evaluate LLM-powered products

LLM evaluation and observability

Create reliable AI products from the first trial to scale. Automate evaluation for RAGs, chatbots, and AI agents. Detect errors before they impact users.
Evidently AI Evaluation for LLM-based systems

Get a quality breakdown

Easily visualize performance for different prompts, models, or segments. See what works and fix what doesn't.
Evidently AI Testing for LLM

Catch regressions

Run systematic tests for key scenarios. Make sure updates don't cause issues and detect prompt drift in new model versions.
Evidently AI Monitoring for LLM

Run checks on live data

Know what users want and how your product performs on real traffic. Get alerts if things don’t go as expected. 
Evidently AI Debugging for LLM

Find bad responses

See where exactly your models struggle. Discover clusters of similar issues to prioritize fixes. 
Collaborative AI Observability platform

Work as a team

Bring product and engineering to one workspace. Run the same evaluations in code or UI. Share results with custom charts.

Define AI quality on your terms

Use built-in checks and a toolbox of methods to craft your evaluation framework.
Apply rules, functions, and regex to reliably and quickly test at scale.
Score outputs by topic, sentiment, and more using ML models.
LLM as a judge
Assess complex behavior with LLMs. Use templates or bring your prompts.
Track task-specific metrics for ranking, classification, or summarization.

From simple checks to nuanced behavior

To tweak prompts or keep an eye on production, here are some things you can track:
Trigger Words
Detect unwanted words or phrases.
Identify offensive or discriminatory language.
Find outputs that are factually wrong or out of context.
Retrieval Quality
Assess whether the retrieved content is relevant.
Output Length
Verify the expected word or character range.
PII Detection
Check if queries or outputs include personal data.
Answer Relevancy
Measure how well the response addresses the query.
Evaluate the share of correct classifications.
Format Compliance
Track that generated outputs fit the requested format. 
Intent Classification
Understand the purpose behind the user's query.
Prompt Injection
Catch attempts to manipulate the model.
Semantic Similarity
Compare how well the response aligns with the reference.
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